japan-drinks.com is a sub-division of Nizona Corporation, Japan. Japan has the one of the biggest and finest variety of drinks in the world. The subtle flavours of Japan drinks are amongst the best in the world. People who try the drinks once, become patrons. We offer a wide variety of high quality drinks from Japan in local Japanese brand and also your 'Private Brand' (Made in Japan OEM product development, labeling, design, product image, regulatory support). We also do small order quantity with your brand label and offer ready stocks.

japan-drinks.com is a dedicated B2B business platform for Japanese drinks to reach the world markets. japan-drinks.com is mainly focussed on promoting awareness of Japanese drinks in the world. Aim is to generate and professionally facilitate ‘actual business’, support work flows, business cycles and increase overall growth.

  • Private Brand drinks - Japan

  • Japan is home to one of the most innovative variety of drinks in the world. The unique, exotic tastes and amzing flavours of Japan drinks (alongwith natural aromas) are very pleasant to drink.Various vitmains 'natural ingredients' such as turmeric, aloe vera, green tea, yogurt, fruits, collagen etc. are used.

    Why Made in Japan drinks?

  • Owing to its history of healthy food sciences, modern day research and innovative formulations, Japan has abundant variety of highest quality. The factories which manufacture drinks are generally located in rural areas where air, water are very pure. High level research, thoroughly checked ingredients, pH analysis and manufacturing equipment allows premium products to be made.

    High Manufacturing standards