Energy Bomber

Energy Bomber


Caffeine, Vitamin B group, Sucrose and glucose, Taurine.

Additional Info

  • Type of package :250ml can
  • Quantity per unit/carton : 30 cans per carton
  • Suggested Intake : As desired
  • MOQ (NB) : 10,000 cans
  • MOQ (OEM) :100,000 Cans
  • Price : On Request
  • Certificates available : CoA, ISO, FSC

Product Description

An energy drink to reduce fatigue, prevent drowsiness and to help you stay alert, energetic and potentially lift up your mood. A great functional drink to improve your performance during sleep deprivation.

Moderate doses of caffiene are known to improve your performance, hence Energy bomber makes for a great drink to be consumed before physical trainings or strenous activities.

Caffeine is world's most widely consumed psychological stimulant, though being a psychoactive drug, unlike many other psychoactive substances, it is legal and unregulated in nearly all parts of the world.